New NORDCAN data published

The Nordic cancer statistics NORDCAN have now been updated with figures and statistics up to and including 2018.
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NORDCAN is a database in which the Nordic cancer registries collaborate on publishing cancer statistics for the respective countries. 

NORDCAN is available here

Example of statistics from NORDCAN. This figure shows the development in the incidence of lung cancer among men in the Nordic countries in rates, number of cases per 100,000 people.


In addition to adding 2 years of cancer data, some updates have also been made in cancer groups and in conversions between different coding systems, as well as in the method for survival analyses.

Siri Larønningen med laptop_550.jpg
Siri Larønningen

"The changes are not that big, but mean that it is no longer possible to compare data from older NORDCAN versions with the updated version," says Siri Larønningen, responsible for NORDCAN at the Cancer Registry.

She says that the work to develop NORDCAN will continue in the future. 

"We plan to update the database with figures through 2019 before the summer of 2021," she said.

2020 figures will hopefully be available in fall 2021 or spring 2022.

During the current six months, more of the functionality from the old version of NORDCAN will also be transferred to the new one. This applies, inter alia, to projections and fact sheets.