Lifestyle changes in adulthood reduced the risk of colorectal cancer


According to a European study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, even small measures can be decisive in lowering the risk of bowel cancer.

Disputation: Anna Lisa Schult


Anna Lisa Schult defended her thesis entitled "Performance of two screening tests and barriers to colorectal cancer screening", Thursday 17 March.

Norway among the world's top in mortality


Norway are number two in the world when it comes to mortality from melanoma, what can we do to turn this around?

More sensitive cervical swab to younger women


During 2023, cervical swabs for all women will be examined for HPV. With this, we are one step closer to eliminating cervical cancer, says head of the Cervical Cancer Programme, Ameli Tropé.

Home test for women who have not screened for cervical cancer


The researchers behind a new study see that home tests can have a positive effect.

Great interest in results from the quality registers


The annual reports for 2021 have now been published.

Brain cancer after radiation in connection with CT examinations of children and adolescents


The Cancer Registry of Norway has participated in a European study investigating the incidence of brain cancer among children and adolescents who have undergone CT scans.

Increased risk of cancer among firefighters


Firefighters in Norway are at increased risk of some cancers, a new study shows. The findings suggest that risk may be related to occupational exposures.

The Mammography Programme celebrates its 25th anniversary


More than 25,000 cases of breast cancer have been detected through the history of the Norwegian Mammography Programme and mortality from the disease has been reduced.

The Cancer Registry of Norway celebrates


We celebrate with a special issue in Norwegian Epidemiology!