The object of the Cancer Registry

The Cancer Registry Regulations stipulate the following three main objectives for the Cancer Registry: registration, research and information.
Last updated: 11/12/2020

The overriding objective of the Cancer Registry is to establish knowledge and disseminate information that contributes to reducing cancer.

Legal regulation (Kreftregisterforskriften, kgl. res. 21. desember 2001) stipulate the main objectives for the Cancer Registry:


Collect and, within the bounds of the regulations, process data on cancer cases and cancer surveys in Norway to map the prevalence of cancer in the country and shed light on changes over time.


Operate, promote and provide a basis for research to develop new knowledge about the causes of cancer, diagnosis, natural courses and treatment effects. The purpose is to promote and develop the quality of preventive measures and health care offered or provided against cancer. This include following up individual patients and patient groups.

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Provide advice and guidance on health care against cancer, and provide advice and information on measures that can prevent the development of cancer to the rest of the health care administration, and to the general population.