ICT experts (several openings)

The Cancer Registry of Norway are now searching for developers (JAVA, Front-End and scientific developer), a Security, Infrastructure and Networking Advisor, and a Data warehouse specialist.

The Cancer Registry of Norway develops in-house ICT solutions to manage information about cancer patients and to operate the national screening programmes. The ICT solutions are operated by the Cancer Registry in a hybrid environment with both our own data center and cloud services. We continuously develop and modernise solutions so that the Cancer Registry can conduct the best possible collection, processing, monitoring, analysis, and presentation of cancer data.

The Department of Registry Informatics has over 30 employees who possesses a good combination of expertise in development, networking, security, and architecture. We work closely with the other specialist departments at the Cancer Registry, as well as other ICT milieus both nationally and internationally. Together we develop and operate user-friendly, efficient, and secure systems. With us, you will be able to help shape future ICT solutions in the health registry field together with highly qualified and committed colleagues.

We are constantly getting new and exciting assignments and are therefore looking for more good colleagues, and we now got several new open positions:

(1) JAVA Developer(s)
We're looking for someone who:

  • is a skilled Java developer
  • has good collaboration skills and likes to work in teams with agile development methodology
  • likes to create systems that excite our users
  • enjoys learning new technologies and methodologies
  • works continuously to improve their own competence

Technology and tools:
Our development platform is Java, and we want you who have knowledge and experience with several of the following technologies:

  • React and Redux – or Angular
  • ECMAScript and TypeScript
  • Spring Boot
  • Maven
  • Camel
  • Hibernate
  • Jenkins
  • Container technologies
  • API development
  • SQL
  • Git or GitLab
  • Jira and Confluence


  • Development and programming
  • Implementation of test activities
  • Follow-up and quality assurance of all documentation for their disciplines including development and operational documentation
  • Be a discussion partner for architects, designers, and other developers


(2) FRONT-END Developer
We're looking for a person who:

  • Has a good eye for design and agile user interface
  • Has the ability to get into new technology and complex issues
  • Likes to develop themselves further, in addition to sharing their own expertise
  • Has good collaboration skills

Technology and tools:

  • JavaScript and frameworks such as Vaadin, Angular, Java FX, Redux, CSS, HTML and React
  • Automated construction, testing and production of integrated solutions, g., Docker, Bitbucket and Jenkins


  • Development and programming
  • Implementation of test activities
  • Follow-up and quality assurance of all documentation
  • Be a discussion partner for architects, designers, developers, and end users


(3) IT Advisor to Security, Infrastructure and Networking
We're looking for a person who:

  • has very good knowledge of Linux OS for both standard and unique server setups in terms of security, scalability, and availability
  • has a good knowledge of DevOps principles
  • has good knowledge of container technologies, reversed proxy, API gateways, API and DBMS in Linux environments
  • has knowledge of certificate solutions (PKI, MS CA) and/or 2-factor solutions for higher security
  • has knowledge of applications security and knows how to make validation checks of changes
  • has knowledge of security measures and implementation on server and client
  • experience of troubleshooting and operating on layer-3
  • has knowledge of technologies such as VPN and SSL/TLS VPN
  • has experience with troubleshooting and handle various situations efficiently
  • can program and read some code (such as Python, Bash, and Powershell)

Technology and tools:

  • Linux- and Windows-servers
  • Virtualization on VmWare


  • Participate in developing server, network and security solutions as well as operation and further development on these solutions.
  • Searching for errors/faults at the server, network and application level
  • Testing of safety level and assisting in the preparation of solution design and risk assessments


(4) Data warehouse specialist
We're looking for a person who:

  • Has experience with data warehouse architecture
  • Enjoys working with computer modeling and the integration of different computer systems and data sources
  • Has skills in authentication, safety and logging
  • Has knowledge of data virtualization and data lakes
  • Wants to help facilitate cancer data for statistics and cancer research

Technology and tools:

  • BI tools such as Power BI, Jaspersoft
  • ETL tools such as Talend, SSIS, Informatica
  • Database technologies; SQL, NoSQL


  • Participate in data warehouse projects, including demand mapping, target image, design, implementation, test, deployment, and training
  • Conduct solution design

Design and development of reports and analysis models


(5) Scientific developer for SmartMed project
We're looking for a person who:

  • Has practical experience building and testing distributed applications
  • Has a strong passion for block chain technologies

Technology and tools:

  • Hyperledger Fabric and Sawtooth
  • Go Development / Ethereum
  • Kubernetes / Docker
  • Prometheus / Graffana


  • Cooperation with leading research institutions in Norway to meet the needs of the Cancer Registry and the SMARTMED project
  • Build appropriate frameworks for monitoring and notification, smart contracts and infrastructure
  • Develop Go-based smart contracts and applications with div block chain technologies
  • Document design and implementation.
  • Conduct testing (stress, performance, device and integration)


Common to all:
As an employee of the Cancer Registry, you will have the opportunity to help ensure safe, high-quality health services for cancer patients in Norway. You will have challenging and varied tasks and good opportunities for professional development.

We're looking for someone who:

  • Has excellent collaboration skills and thrives in teams
  • Has experience with agile development methodology
  • Has good oral and written communication skills
  • Speaks fluent English or Norwegian, or other Scandinavian languages

At the Cancer Registry, we have an engaging, professional and socially excellent working environment.  We are committed to facilitating a good work-life balance, with flexible working hours and the possibility of working from home.
We assess whether you are personally suitable through interviews and references.
You will be given a permanent position, with a probationary period 6 months. Membership in OUS HF's pension fund, under which the Cancer Registry is organized, is also granted.