Vacant positions

Here you will find vacant positions at the Cancer Registry of Norway. Even if interested on a general basis, please apply for a specific vacant position.



A full time permanent position as Researcher at the Cancer Registry of Norway is available in the HPV section at the Department of Research.

Postdoc - Microbiota and colorectal cancer screening


A position as postdoctoral research fellow is available at the Cancer Registry of Norway - Institute of Population-based Cancer Research, Oslo, Norway. We are co-localized with the Institute for Cancer Research at the Norwegian Radium Hospital. Fellowship duration is 2 years. The position is funded by the Norwegian Cancer Society.

Postdoctor - Personalized Cancer Screening


We are advertising a two-and-half-year postdocoral fellow position in machine learning and Markov Modelling for personalized cancer screening at Cancer Registry of Norway, Oslo.