Randi Gislefoss, MSc PhD

Researcher, Biobank-based Research Unit - Janus Serum Bank

E-mail randi.gislefoss@kreftregisteret.no
Telephone (+47) 22 92 87 85

Research interests

Cancer types:
Bladder cancer
Ovarian cancer
Prostate cancer

Research areas:
Biobanks - Sample quality and  quality assurance
Risk and survival
Biomarkers for cancer
BMI/ life style and cancer
Vitamin D and cancer




5 most recent publications:

Keller ARounge TBackes CLudwig NGislefoss RLeidinger PLangseth HMeese E (2017) Sources to variability in circulating human miRNA signatures
RNA Biol1-8 (in press) PubMed 28820329

Hjerkind KVGislefoss RETretli SNystad WBjørge TEngeland AMeyer HEHolvik KUrsin GLangseth H (2017) Cohort Profile Update: The Janus Serum Bank Cohort in Norway Int J Epidemiol46 (4)1101-1102f PubMed 28087783

Gislefoss RELauritzen MLangseth HMørkrid L (2017) Effect of multiple freeze-thaw cycles on selected biochemical serum components
Clin Chem Lab Med55 (7)967-973 PubMed 27987362

Langseth HGislefoss REMartinsen JIDillner JUrsin G (2017) Cohort Profile: The Janus Serum Bank Cohort in Norway Int J Epidemiol46 (2)403-404g
PubMed 27063606

Andreassen BKAagnes BGislefoss RAndreassen MWahlqvist R (2016)
Incidence and Survival of urothelial carcinoma of the urinary bladder in Norway 1981-2014 BMC Cancer16 (1)799 PubMed 27737647




Updated October 30th 2017



Regarding questions received by the Cancer Registry of Norway

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