Nita Kaupang Shala

Joined the Cancer registry of Norway in February 2019 as a PhD-candidate in the field of occupational cancer epidemiology. My PhD-project is part of the bigger project ”Exposure related risks of cancer in Norwegian offshore petroleum workers”. Main supervisor is Tom K. Grimsrud.

With a prospective stratified case-cohort design I will study the occurrence and risk of urinary tract cancers among the male offshore workers. Conduct causal analysis of exposure and outcome to hydrocarbon exposure from oil mist/oil vapour, and several other agents.

Research interests are biostatistics, etiology, human- and ecological health.


Bachelor in biology and Master in ecology and evolution at the University of Oslo, Department of biosciences in 2008-2013.

Research assistant/engineer in several research projects at the Centre of Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES) and Aquatic Biology and Toxicology (AQUA) in 2013-2016.


Exposure related risks of cancer in Norwegian offshore petroleum workers