Linda Nyanchoka

Post-doctoral fellow, HPV Section


Linda joined the Cancer Registry of Norway in 2020 as a post-doctoral fellow. She has previously worked with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) as a Public Health Specialist working on different national and international public health projects. She is passionate about promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights, women’s health and mental health.

Research areas/interests:
Sexual and reproductive health, e and m-health, maternal and child health, evidence synthesis, data visualisation, research gaps, research prioritization and meta-research

Linda is a recent Marie Curie research fellow currently completing her PhD on Clinical Epidemiology and Applied Health Research from both the Université de Paris ( Paris, France) and University of Liverpool (Liverpool, United Kingdom). The title of her PhD thesis is: “Methods for identifying gaps in health research”. It focuses on improving the use of health research by identifying research gaps to inform policy making, practice and future research.

Linda also has a joint master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Copenhagen (Copenhagen, Denmark) and the University of Sheffield (Sheffield, United Kingdom) under Europubhealth, an EU funded Erasmus Mundus master programme.


“Strengthening at National Level the Capacity of the Romanian Health Sector to Implement Organized Screening for Cancers Amenable to Cost-Effective Early Detection Interventions” – CEDICROM 2. The research entails investigating why women in Romania, attending cervical screening and receiving abnormal results are not going back for follow-up health care.  

Selected publications: