Kaitlyn Tsuruda

Kaitlyn is a statistician and data manager in the Research Department’s Section for Administration and Research Support. She supports researchers in various stages of the research process, from data management and documentation to statistical analyses, interpretation, and manuscript writing. Her work is focused largely on classical and pharmacoepidemiology research related primarily to breast, prostate, and lung cancer.


Kaitlyn is an accredited Associate Statistician (A.Stat.) with the Statistical Society of Canada. She is also an epidemiologist by training and her PhD from the University of Oslo focused on potential risks associated with organized breast cancer screening.

Before joining the Research Department, Kaitlyn contributed to research and quality assurance projects in the Mammography Section (2016-2021) and worked on the breast and gynecological cancers clinical registries as a statistician with Registry Department (2018). Prior to this, Kaitlyn worked on a small team developing artificial intelligence solutions for breast cancer screening as an epidemiologist at Densitas.


Ny kreftbehandling og overlevelse

Under- and overdiagnosis in BreastScreen Norway (PhD project)

Selected publications

Robsahm TE, Tsuruda KM, Hektoen HH, Storås AH, Cook MB, Hurwitz LM, Langseth H (2023) Applying recommended definition of aggressive prostate cancer: a validation study using high-quality data from the Cancer Registry of Norway, Acta Oncol. DOI10.1080/0284186X.2023.2175331 PubMed 36762472 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36762472/

Tsuruda KM, Larsen M, Roman M, Hofvind S. (2021) Cumulative risk of a false-positive screening result: A retrospective cohort study using empirical data from 10 biennial screening rounds in BreastScreen Norway. Cancer. DOI 10.1002/cncr.34078, PubMed 34931707

Tsuruda KM, Hovda T, Bhargava S, Veierød MB, Hofvind S. (2021) Survival among women diagnosed with screen-detected or interval breast cancer classified as true, minimal signs, or missed through an informed radiological review. Eur Radiol. 31(5):2677-2686. DOI 10.1007/s00330-020-07340-4, PubMed: 33180162