Erik Natvig

Data manager

Work assignments:

As data manager at the bowel screening department, Erik manages the datasets within the Bowel Cancer Screening in Norway (BCSN) pilot project. His tasks also include analysis of the progression of the study and capacity at the screening centres.

The departement is also responsible for planning the national bowel screening programme. Erik provides prognoses for demand for capacity for colonoscopy exams and pathological analysis. He is also responsible for conveying the programme's requirements for the new software for cancer screening being developed at the registry.

Erik's professional interest is to combine IT, statistics and maths to contribute to the reduction of health and environmental problems. Within IT, he is particularly concerned with automating anything that can be automated, and to avoid storing the same piece of information twice.


Erik's education is within maths (bachelor degree) and informatics/computer science (master's degree, specilization within optimization).

He wrote his master's thesis on statistical modelling of migration patterns of cod. He has also taken additional courses within transportation and databases.

Previously, he was employed at the Norwegian National Rail Administration and later at the Norwegian Railway Directorate, where his tasks included long-term planning within capacity and future rail services. Before that, he worked at two environmental NGOs within web programming and operation of member registries.


Plattform for the screening programmes

Bowel Cancer Screening in Norway (pilot study)

Establishment of the national cancer screening programme

Utvalgte publikasjoner:

Mannino, Carlo; Lamorgese, Leonardo Cameron & Natvig, Erik (2016). An exact micro-macro approach to cyclic and non-cyclic train timetabling. Omega : The International Journal of Management Science.  ISSN 0305-0483. doi:10.1016/

Natvig, Erik & Subbey, Sam (2011). Modelling vertical fish migration using mixed Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes. Proceedings from Norsk informatikkonferanse 2011.