Anne Holck Storås

Anne Holck Storås is an oncologist whose clinical practice and research focuses on urological cancers.

Anne started a 50% postdoc position in the Department of Research in November 2019. Her research uses population-based registry data to evaluate health outcomes among men with metastatic prostate cancer, with a focus on newly approved systemic treatments for advanced disease.



Anne Holck Storås specializes in oncology and received her medical degree (cand. med.) from the University of Oslo.

In 2017, she defended her PhD, titled “Adverse effects after curative treatment for prostate cancer; an international perspective”.

In addition to her position at the Cancer Registry, she also works in a 50% position as an oncologist in the Section for Urological Oncology in the Department of Oncology at the Oslo University Hospital.


Health outcomes and prognostic factors after introduction of new anti-cancer drugs in patients with metastatic prostate cancer: A population-based study

Selected publications

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