Ane Sørlie Kværner

Ane Sørlie Kværner is a postdoc at the Bowel Screening Department.

The postdoc position is connected to the ongoing research project “The Microbiota as a Colorectal Cancer Screening Biomarker”, a subproject of “Bowel Cancer Screening in Norway (BCSN)”.

The overall aim of this project is to identify a biomarker for early detection of colorectal cancer based on analysis of the gut microbiome of persons with and without precancerous lesions of colorectal cancer.

The goal is to identify a microbial biomarker that will improve screening services in the years to come.

A secondary aim of this project is to examine associations between diet, lifestyle, gut microbiota and precancerous lesions of colorectal cancer.

Increased knowledge of the complex interplay between diet, lifestyle, gut microbiota and cancer development may lead to improved prevention and treatment of colorectal cancer in the future.


Ane is a Registered Dietitian from the University of Oslo.

She has a PhD in Clinical Nutrition/Nutritional Epidemiology from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Oslo. The focus of her Phd thesis was on biological mechanisms linking diet and lifestyle to colorectal cancer risk from a lifecourse perspective.

Ane started as a postdoctoral fellow at the Cancer Registry of Norway in 2019.


The microbiome as a colorectal cancer screening biomarker

Selected publications

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Ma W, Song M, Kværner AS, Prescott J, Chan A, Giovannucci E, Zhang X (2018)
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DOI 10.1186/s12885-017-3072-4, PubMed 28137255


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