Madleen Orumaa

Madleen is a PhD student in the HPV-related Epidemiological Research Unit.


Epidemiology and Public Health MSc, University of Tartu Estonia


Monitoring the early effect and the potential of the HPV vaccine in Norway and Denmark

Increasing incidence of cervical precancerous lesions in Norway over more than 20 years

Selected publications

Hansen, B. T., Orumaa, M., Lie, A. K., Brennhovd, B. and Nygård, M. (2018), Trends in incidence, mortality and survival of penile squamous cell carcinoma in Norway 1956–2015.
Int. J. Cancer, 142: 1586-1593. doi:10.1002/ijc.31194

Nygård, M., Munk, C., Orumaa, M., Hansen, B.T., Kjær. S. (2014)
Early impact of quadrivalent HPV vaccination catch-up program: comparing Denmark and Norway.
In: Cancer in Norway 2014. Oslo: Cancer Registry of Norway;