About the Cancer Registry

The Cancer Registry of Norway establish knowledge and dissiminate science that shall contribute to reduce the burdern of cancer.

Last updated: 22.10.2018

The Cancer Registry of Norway collects data and produce statistics of the cancer prevalence in Norway, and has an extensive research activity. 

We also got the administrative responsibility for the public screening programmes in Norway - the Norwegian Breast Cancer Screening Programme and the Norwegian Cervical Cancer Screening Programme.

The Cancer Registry of Norway was established in 1951. It is one of the oldest national cancer registries in the world. This, combined with the unique personal identification number used in Norway, makes the Cancer Registry's data suitable, also internationally; by establishing new knowledge through research and spreading information on cancer.

The organisation consists of about 150 persons (120 FTEs) and is organised in three technical departements and one administrative department. 

The Cancer Registry of Norway consists of about 40 researchers, with different profressional background, amongst others in medicine, statstics, informatics and psykology. 

The Cancer Registry of Norway is part of South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority and is organized as an independent institution under Oslo University Hospital Trust, with its own board.

All cancer cases are to be reported to the Cancer Registry of Norway

All medical doctors in the country are instructed by law to notify new cancer cases to us. Cancer must be notified in case of cancer suspicion, even without a verified cancer diagnosis, and also if cancer is first diagnosed by autopsy. In case of doubt, a notification must be sent.

Screening programmes

The Cancer Registry is responsible for the national screening programmes: Breast Cancer Screening Programme and Cervical Cancer Screening Programme. The goal is to prevent cancer death by discovering cancer or pre cancerous lesions as early as possible.

As of 2012, the Cancer Registry of Norway also is appointed the secretariat function of a pilot project of colerectal cancer screening. The pilot programme is to be rolled out to a national screening program from January 2019. 

Clinical registries

The competence of the Cancer Registry of Norway within diagnostics and treatment is increasing steadily. With this as a background, the Cancer Registry of Norway, has during the past 20 years, and in cooperation with the clinical milieu in Norway, developed clinical registries to ultimately improve the treatment of cancer. 


The current board of the Cancer Registry of Norway were appointed January 2020. Kjell Magne Tveit is the chair of the board, and were assigned to the possition in the spring of 2018. All regional health authories of Norway are represented in the board.


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