Information work

The Cancer Registry of Norway disseminates knowledge about the cancer situation in Norway through statistics, scientific articles, lectures and through the press.

Information work in the Cancer Registry of Norway

The Cancer Registry of Norway collects information on all cancer cases in Norway. The data received by the Cancer Registry of Norway are processed, compiled and analysed by researchers, statisticians, coders and other professionals at the institute, and used for statistics, research and to measure the health services cancer patients receive. Read more about the Cancer Registry of Norway here.

The Cancer Registry of Norway disseminates knowledge about the cancer situation in Norway through statistical overviews, scientific articles and lectures. Extraction from the cancer database is also very often necessary. The data delivery unit ensures this.

In addition, we respond to inquiries about cancer and speak to the media. A separate information unit takes care of inquiries and, if necessary, forwards them to the appropriate person.

Find your own statistics in our dynamic statistics bank - and feel free to contact us for help with quality assurance and interpretation of the results. See the Cancer Registry of Norway's statistics bank. 

The Cancer Registry of Norway conducts extensive research activities, both on registry data and in other areas of cancer care. See the Cancer Registry's research projects here. 

The Cancer Registry of Norway also has the administrative responsibility for the public cancer screening programmes in Norway. Currently, there are programs for breast and cervical cancer. In addition, a program for bowel cancer is being planned and rolled out.

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Cancer risk in families

If someone is wondering if they belong to a high-risk family, they should contact their GP. Genetic departments at some hospitals may also obtain information from the Cancer Registry of Norway about cancer diagnoses in close relatives. It is a prerequisite that relatives who are alive send us written consent to the disclosure of their own diagnosis. For inquiries in connection with genetic testing, there are special guidelines.

Cancer in smaller geographical areas

If cancer accumulation is suspected , one should first contact the municipal medical doctor, the occupational health service or the health manager at the relevant location. We can assist with cancer data distributed by municipalities. If the Cancer Registry of Norway is to investigate the incidence of cancer in smaller areas, special measures are required, both financially and practically. 

Other cancer-related topics

Causes of death at the personal level are not reported by the Cancer Registry. The Norwegian Institute of Public Health administers the Cause of Death Registry in Norway.

If you have questions about the symptoms and treatment of cancer, you should contact your doctor. In addition, the Norwegian Cancer Society has a telephone line, Kreftlinjen, where you can talk to specially trained nurses in cancer care (800 48 210). They also offer online chats with Kreftlinjens specialist nurses.

For information on carcinogens, you can contact Direktoratet for arbeidstilsynet or find links on the websites of Statens arbeidsmiljø institutt and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

Both Statens arbeidsmiljø institutt and Statens strålevern have information about electromagnetic fields and radiation.