Sinan Uğur Umu

Sinan U. Umu works as a postdoctoral fellow at Cancer Registry of Norway under supervision of Trine Rounge and Hilde langseth.

He is employed for 3 years on the project “Small non-coding RNA as early detector cancer biomarkers” funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

The research goal for this project is to find early detection biomarkers among serum RNA content and further understand progression of cancer using RNA biomarkers.

In this project, Sinan works with developing bioinformatics pipelines for analysing samples from Janus serum bank.


Umu has a BS in physics and MS in bioinformatics. He got his PhD from University of Canterbury, New Zealand.

His PhD thesis title is «Investigating prokaryotic transcriptomes and the impact of crosstalk between noncoding RNA and messenger RNA interactions».



Selected publications

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PubMed 27642845

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