Denise Reis Costa

Denise is a postdoc at the Cancer Registry and has been working within pharmacoepidemiology to investigate the use of newer cancer drugs in the treatment of melanoma. Her project is based on a large registry linkage between the Cancer Registry of Norway, the Norwegian Patient Registry, the Norwegian Prescription Database, Statistics Norway, and other datasets. She will be studying medication use in detail over time. Denise has a PhD in Statistics from the State University of Campinas, Brazil.

She has vast experience in data management and statistical analysis with her previous work as a Researcher at the Ministry of Education in Brazil. She is also an R package developer. During her postdoc at the University of Oslo, she developed the LOGAN package for the analysis of log-file data from international large-scale assessments.


Reis Costa D, Bolsinova M, Tijmstra J, Andersson B. Improving the Precision of Ability Estimates Using Time-On-Task Variables: Insights From the PISA 2012 Computer-Based Assessment of Mathematics. Front Psychol. 2021 Mar 19;12:579128. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2021.579128. PMID: 33815190; PMCID: PMC8017127.