Sara Nafisi

Sara Nafisi started as a PhD student at the Cancer Registry of Norway in December 2020. The topic of her doctoral thesis is "Reuse of drugs: new options for the prevention and treatment of colorectal cancer", where she will study associations between non-cancer drugs and risk as well as prognosis for colorectal cancer. She has Edoardo Botteri as her supervisor. Nafisi has a background in pharmacology, and her research interests include colon cancer and pharmacoepidemiology.

2018 – MSc in Clinical Pharmacology, University of Glasgow, UK. The focus of her research was systematic reviews.

2012 – PharmD, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Iran. The focus of her research was pharmacology and toxicology

Medicines and cancer for women and men

1. Association between use of low-dose aspirin and detection of colorectal polyps and cancer in a screening setting.

2. Low-dose aspirin and risk of breast cancer: a Norwegian population-based cohort study of one million women.