Kim Lund Nilsen

Kim Lund Nilsen is responsible for the quality registry for the National Quality Registry for Prostate Cancer, and is responsible for quality assurance of the registry.

A health registry is no better than the data submitted from the clinics. Kim makes sure to send reminders to the clinics if data is incomplete. He also prepares specifications, clinical messages and pathology reports used by the clinics for data reporting.

Kim is responsible for the annual report for the National Quality Registry for Prostate Cancer. He is secretary of the registry's reference group, an advisory unit consisting of medical experts on prostate cancer.

Kim assists with data delivery and registry expertise to the Cancer Registry's Data Delivery Unit and other interested parties. He also presents the quality register in external contexts.


Kim Lund Nilsen is a nurse, graduated from Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences in 2012.

Before joining the Cancer Registry of Norway in 2015, he worked in the surgical department at Drammen Hospital.


  • The Cancer Registry's new ICT platform (KNEIP 1.2)
  • OVERHODE2 - new ICT platform for prostate cancer