Karianne Svendsen

Since August 2021, Svendsen has worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Cancer Registry of Norway on the project Stress Management after Breast Cancer. This is a randomized controlled trial on stress management in breast cancer patients. Furthermore, she will work with data from population surveys on the health and quality of life of patients with breast cancer.

She also has part-time positions at the Lipid Clinic, Oslo University Hospital, where she researches the risk of various diseases in people with hereditary high cholesterol, and at the Department of Nutrition, University of Oslo, where she is responsible for the development of an e-learning program on nutrition.  


Karianne Svendsen holds a master's and doctoral degree in nutrition from the University of Oslo.


Stress management after breast cancer

Selected publications

Karianne Svendsen, Ylva M Gjelsvik (2020). How are you, exactly? https://www.nettavisen.no/norsk-debatt/hvordan-har-du-det-egentlig/o/5-95-308909

Karianne Svendsen, Markus Knudsen, Paula Berstad, Giske Ursin, Inger Kristin Larsen, Ane Sørlie Kværner (2021). Cancer in Norway in 2020: how big a role does diet and lifestyle play?