Espen Enerly

Espen Enerly started as a researcher at the Norwegian Cancer Registry in 2010. Espen has a PhD in biology from the University of Oslo in 2003, where he defended his thesis "Gene profiling using comparative and reverse genetics". He primarily works with harmonizing the Norwegian Cancer Registry's data to the OMOP data model and initiating research that uses OMOP. He also works with the INSPIRE project, which aims to improve drug use reporting in cancer treatment. Espen has overall responsibility for facilitating research collaboration between the Norwegian Cancer Registry and the pharmaceutical industry.


Espen Enerly genetically modified plants and fruit flies in the laboratory at the University of Oslo, which resulted in the degrees Cand. Scient, and Dr. Scient.

Here, the fascination for non-protein genes (RNA genes) was sparked, and an interest in its genomics was later developed and studied at the Institute of Bioinformatics (A*STAR, Singapore). Espen has later studied the RNA genes relation to breast cancer at the Radium Hospital in Norway.

He has been doing research in the field of pharmacoepidemiology, first related to HPV vaccination and later realted to cancer medicine.

Enerly defended his thesis at the Faculty of Biology at the University of Oslo in 2003 with the thesis «Gene profiling using comparative and reverse genetics»

Since 2010, Espen har worked as a researcher at the Cancer Registry of Norway, he works in the section of Molecular Epidemiology and infections.

He has primarily studied long-term follow up of subjects who received the HPV-vaccine.

Currently, he primarily works on harmonizing Cancer Registry data to the OMOP data model and initiating research that uses this data model.

He also work with the INcreaSe PharmaceutIcal Reporting (INSPiRE) project, which aims to improve the reporting of medicine used in cancer treatment.

Lately, he has also worked on how to better facilitate research collaboration between the Cancer Registry of Norway and the pharmaceutical industry as well as projects within pharmacoepidemiology. Read more about The Cancer Registry of Norway as facilitator for the healthcare industry.

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