Ameli Tropé

Ameli Tropé leads the CervicalScreen Norway, where women between the ages of 25 and 69 are encouraged to have a cervical smear regularly. Tropé is concerned with disseminating knowledge and awareness about how cervical cancer can be prevented, and she works to ensure good quality in all parts of the screening programme – from the information the women receive, to sampling and analyses in the lab, and on to the follow-up of women with abnormal findings.

As head of the CervicalScreen Norway, Tropé is also responsible for administering, quality assuring and further developing the programme. Important tasks are to introduce HPV testing as a screening method, and to ensure that personnel who need it have safe and efficient access to sample history.

Tropé has a background as a gynecologist and researcher, and has worked at Ahus and the Norwegian Radium Hospital at Oslo University Hospital. In 2012, Tropé defended his thesis "Testing for human papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical neoplasia" - about the use of HPV testing in routine screening.

  • EQUALSCREEN, Incremental improvement of cervical cancer screening
  • Implication of HPV primary screening
  • Audit cervical cancer
  • #Sjekkdeg campaign
  • Several small projects with the Sanitation Women, the Norwegian Cancer Society, Nakmi and the Gynecological Cancer Society