Nordic Summer School - phase 3

Phase 3: 24-26 January 2025 - Presentation of projects

The weekend course will be held in Virrat, Finland and co-ordinated by Sirpa Heinävaara, Finnish Cancer Registry and School of Health Sciences, Tampere University.

Phase 3 is arranged as a scientific conference.

Students, co-ordinators of the projects and project tutors will meet in Virrat where the project groups will present their work orally, and the projects will be discussed.

Nordic Summer School in Cancer Epidemiology 2024 will be evaluated.

The students will be contacted by mail to sign up for the 3rd phase and to submit an abstract on the project carried out during Phase 2.

Each participant is requested to either give a 15-minute oral presentation or bring a poster and give a short oral introduction of the contents of the poster.

The full programme will be composed from the abstracts. The attending co-ordinators and tutors from the Nordic countries will give constructive feedback and ensure a dynamic discussion. Participants will be selected to chair and co-chair the sessions.

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