ANCR Symposium

Welcome to the ANCR symposium in Bodø, Norway in August 2024.
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The next ANCR symposium will be held in Bodø, Norway, 28-30 August 2024. 

Venue: Scandic Havet

Programme (preliminary)

Wednesday 28th of August 


1300-1400 Registration, Baguettes, and refreshments

1400-1700 Workshop 1: Coding and registration

1400-1700 Workshop 2: Patient reported outcomes

1400-1700 Workshop 3: Modifiable factors in cancer prevention; the role of the cancer registries

1800-1900 Bodø Town Hall Reception, meet up at Town Hall 18.00 or outside Scandic Havet 17.50

1900-2000 Exploring Bodø and dinner at Olivia Restaurant

Thursday 29th of August 

Welcome and keynote

0900-0910 Director Giske Ursin – Welcome 

0910-0920 Geir Tollåli - Director of Professional Affairs at the Helse Nord RHF

0920-0930 Ingrid Stenstadvold Ross – General Secretary, the Norwegian Cancer Society and Chair Nordic Cancer Union

0930-1000 Keynote: Siri Larønningen and Anna L. V. Johansson –Title: Digging into Nordic cancer epidemiology through NORDCAN - current and future perspectives

1000-1015 Short break

Session 1: Patient care epidemiology | Patient reported outcome measures

1015-1025 Yngvar Nilssen:  The use of systemic anti-cancer treatment during the last year of life for lung cancer patients in Norway 

1025-1035 Denise Reis Costa:  Real-World Profile and Treatment Patterns of Advanced Melanoma Patients Treated with Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor (ICI) Therapy in Norway

1035-1045 Victor Falini:  Cystectomy for bladder cancer in Sweden – short-term outcomes after centralization

1045-1055 Mona Nilsson:  Adverse Health Outcomes (AHOs); Pad use, intercourse inability and quality of life (QoL) three years after Radical Prostatectomy (RP), compared with men in the general population (Norms): A study from the Cancer Registry of Norway (CRN)

1055-1105 Giske Ursin: Effects of digital stress management interventions in women with breast cancer: The Coping After Breast Cancer trial

1105-1125 Coffee break and poster walk

Session 2: Coding and registration of cancer

1125-1135 Henrik Møller: Clinical quality indicators and development targets in clinical quality improvement. 

1135-1145 Gerda Engholm:  TNM stage in the Nordic Cancer Registries 2004-2016: Registration and availability

1145-1155 Johanna Jonsson:  Register-based trace back of death certificates in the Swedish Cancer Register: an approach to estimating Death Certificate Initiated Cancer Cases, 2005-2022

1155-1205 Dominik Glombik: Validation of data quality in the Swedish National Penile Cancer Register

1205-1220 Short break

1220-1230 Kristin Oterholt Knudsen:  Structured journal for clinical practice and quality registry

Session 3: Early diagnosis and screening

1230-1240 Yuqi Zhang:  Screen-detected and Interval breast cancer: temporal trends and risk factors

1240-1250 Sisse H. Njor:  Should residents with a negative colonoscopy in FIT-based screening

1250-1300 Filip Siegfrids:  Cost-effectiveness of Organized Risk-based Screening for Breast Cancer in Finland

1300-1400 Lunch

1400-1410 Maiju Pankakoski:  Coverage of mammography imaging in and outside an organized breast cancer screening program - variation by age and sociodemographic groups

1410-1420 Tytti Sarkeala:  Integrating intensive smoking cessation with lung cancer screening – a randomized pilot study in Finland and Hungary

1420-1430 Markus D. Knudsen:  Colorectal cancer incidence and mortality after negative colonoscopy screening: a cohort study

1430-1440 Susanne F. Jørgensen:  How do socioeconomic factors affect the longitudinal adherence to colonoscopy surveillance in the Danish FIT-based colorectal cancer screening program

1440-1500 Coffee break and poster walk

Session 4: Causes and risk factors

1500-1510 Allan Jensen:  Risk of breast cancer among women with hyper- and hypothyroidism: results from a large nationwide cohort study

1510-1520 Leon A. Mclaren Berge:  Exposure to fibres and risk of pleural mesothelioma in the Norwegian Offshore Petroleum Workers cohort

1520-1530 Maarit Lamminmäki:  A population-based cohort study on changes in lung and bladder cancer incidence among non-Western immigrant men

1530-1540 Eetu Mäkinen:  The effect of diabetes and its complications on the risk of colorectal cancer  

1540-1550 Karri Seppä:  Cost of breast cancer treatment attributable to modifiable risk factors in Finland

1550-1600 Sanna Heikkinen:  Rheumatoid arthritis and the risk of common cancers

1600-1610 Paula Berstad:  A substantial proportion of the association between alcohol consumption and colorectal carcinogenesis is mediated by the gut microbiome

1700-1830 Bodø -Saltstraumen Hotel by RIB

1745-1845 Bodø-Saltstraumen Hotel by bus

1900-2200 Symposium Dinner at Saltstraumen Hotel

2200-2300 Bus Saltstraumen Hotel – Scandic Havet

Friday 30th of August 

0900-0930 Keynote: Elisabete Weiderpass, Title: to be announced  

Session 5: Epidemiological and biostatistical methods

0930-0940 Paul Lambert: A practical approach to fitting cancer survival models when data can’t move across borders.

0940-0950 Jan Nygård:  Synthetic data generation for external control arms 

0950-1000 Aapeli Nevala:  When you got nothing but time - Bayesian latent regression for progressive disease with selectively observed outcomes

1000-1010 Eva M. Gudmundsdottir:  Prediction of cancer incidence and prevalence in Iceland up to the year 2040

1010-1040 Break and checking out

Session 6: Surveillance and survival from cancer

1040-1050 Leo Gkekos:  Tumour characteristics and prognosis in women with breast cancer diagnosed during pregnancy and two years after delivery 

1050-1100 Anders Vikerfors:  Urinary tract infections and bladder cancer mortality in a nationwide cohort study

1100-1110 Cassia B. Trewin-Nybråten:  Ovarian Cancer Survival by histotype and residual disease status after surgery: Results from the Norwegian Clinical Registry for Gynecological Cancer

1110-1120 Helga H. Hektoen:  Real world survival for patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer treated with pembrolizumab as single agent or in combination with chemotherapy 

1120-1130 Elisavet Syriopoulou:  Survival disparities in colorectal cancer: investigating the role of stage at diagnosis through mediation analysis 

1130-1140 Lukas Löfling:  Beta-blockers and Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Survival: A Norwegian Population-based Cohort Study

1140-1210 Coffee break

1210-1220 Anna L. V. Johansson:  Cancer incidence and stage during the COVID-19 pandemic 2020 and 2021: A Nordic study 

1220-1230 Janne Pitkäniemi:  Excess mortality among cancer patients increased during Covid-19 in Nordic countries 

1230-1240 Nea Malila:  Gleason score extraction for predicting survival of prostate cancer patients 

1240-1300 Closure and AWARD

1300-1400 LUNCH

1400-1630 Hiking to Keiservarden for those spending some extra time in Bodø


Follow this link for registration and for more information: Late registration still available. 

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