NORDCAN presents comparable cancer statistics on incidence, mortality, prevalence and survival statistics from more than 50 major cancers in the Nordic countries.

NORDCAN, the Nordic cancer database and webtool, builds upon the knowledge, experiences and lessons learnt from previous Nordic collaborations like the KIN-project (The Nordic Cancer picture) and other projects published as APMIS monographs, the cancer atlas and tools on cancer predictions. 

NORDCAN was created in the mid-90's as a collaboration between ANCR and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in Lyon. The first version of NORDCAN was a floppy disc version, which was replaced by a web-version in 2002. 

There is a designated work group with representatives from all the Nordic countries and IARC. The work group meets twice a year for noon-to-noon meetings, discussing the use and further development of NORDCAN. 

The database is regularly updated, normally once or twice a year.

An overview of the data visualization selections is shown here:

Papers describing NORDCAN

Two papers from Acta Oncologica describing NORDCAN can be downloaded here: 

NORDCAN--a Nordic tool for cancer information, planning, quality control and research.
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