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Publications 2018

Hassfjell CSGrimsrud TKStandring WJFTretli S (2018)
[No title available]
Tidsskr Nor Laegeforen138 (16)
PubMed 30344315

Májek OAnttila AArbyn Mvan Veen EBEngesæter BLönnberg S (2018)
The legal framework for European cervical cancer screening programmes
Eur J Public Health (in press)
PubMed 30265313

Page CMVos LRounge TBHarbo HFAndreassen BK (2018)
Assessing genome-wide significance for the detection of differentially methylated regions
Stat Appl Genet Mol Biol17 (5)
PubMed 30231014

Figueiredo RAOSimola-Ström SRounge TBViljakainen HEriksson JGRoos EWeiderpass E (2018)
Cohort Profile: The Finnish Health in Teens (Fin-HIT) study: a population-based study
Int J Epidemiol (in press)
PubMed 30212855

Strand LAMartinsen JIRudvin IFadum EABorud EK (2018)
Cancer incidence and all-cause mortality among civilian men and women employed by the Royal Norwegian Navy between 1950 and 2005
Cancer Epidemiol571-6 (in press)
PubMed 30205311

Plato NMartinsen JIKjaerheim KKyyronen PSparen PWeiderpass E (2018)
Mesothelioma in Sweden: Dose-Response Analysis for Exposure to 29 Potential Occupational Carcinogenic Agents
Saf. Health Work9 (3)290-295

Leinonen MKHansen SASkare GBSkaaret IBSilva MJohannesen TBNygård M (2018)
Low proportion of unreported cervical treatments in the cancer registry of Norway between 1998 and 2013
Acta Oncol1-8 (in press)
PubMed 30169991

Aase HSHolen ÅSPedersen KHoussami NHaldorsen ISSebuødegård SHanestad BHofvind S (2018)
A randomized controlled trial of digital breast tomosynthesis versus digital mammography in population-based screening in Bergen: interim analysis of performance indicators from the To-Be trial
Eur Radiol (in press)
PubMed 30159620

Lund ERasmussen Busund LTThalabard JC (2018)
Rethinking the carcinogenesis of breast cancer: The theory of breast cancer as a child deficiency disease or a pseudo semi-allograft
Med Hypotheses12076-80
PubMed 30220347

Holme ØAabakken L (2018)
Making Colonoscopy Smarter With Standardized Computer-Aided Diagnosis
Ann Intern Med169 (6)409-410
PubMed 30105378

Troisi RGulbech Ording AGrotmol TGlimelius IEngeland AGissler MTrabert BEkbom AMadanat-Harjuoja LToft Sørensen HTretli SBjørge T (2018)
Pregnancy complications and subsequent breast cancer risk in the mother: a Nordic population-based case-control study
Int J Cancer143 (8)1904-1913
PubMed 29752724

Lund ENakamura ASnapkov IThalabard JCOlsen KSHolden LHolden M (2018)
Each pregnancy linearly changes immune gene expression in the blood of healthy women compared with breast cancer patients
Clin Epidemiol10931-940
PubMed 30123005

Stenehjem JSVeierød MBNilsen LTGhiasvand RJohnsen BGrimsrud TKBabigumira RStøer NCRees JRRobsahm TE (2018)
Anthropometric factors and Breslow thickness: prospective data on 2570 cases of cutaneous melanoma in the population-based Janus Cohort
Br J Dermatol179 (3)632-641
PubMed 29858512

Figueiredo RAOSimola-Ström SIsomaa RWeiderpass E (2018)
Body dissatisfaction and disordered eating symptoms in Finnish preadolescents
Eat Disord1-18 (in press)
PubMed 30040544

Gavrilyuk OBraaten TWeiderpass ELicaj ILund E (2018)
Lifetime number of years of menstruation as a risk index for postmenopausal endometrial cancer in the Norwegian Women and Cancer Study
Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand97 (10)1168-1177
PubMed 29782643

Waade GGSebuødegård SHogg PHofvind S (2018)
Breast compression across consecutive examinations among females participating in BreastScreen Norway
Br J Radiol91 (1090)20180209
PubMed 29927636

Thøgersen HMøller BRobsahm TEBabigumira RAaserud SLarsen IK (2018)
Differences in cancer survival between immigrants in Norway and the host population
Int J Cancer (in press)
PubMed 29987865

Knudsen MDHjartåker AOlsen MKEHoff Gde Lange TBernklev TBerstad P (2018)
Changes in health behavior 1 year after testing negative at a colorectal cancer screening: a randomized-controlled study
Eur J Cancer Prev27 (4)316-322
PubMed 27824661

Eskeland SLRueegg CSBrunborg CAabakken Lde Lange T (2018)
Electronic checklists improve referral letters in gastroenterology: a randomized vignette survey
Int J Qual Health Care30 (6)450-456
PubMed 29635304

Moshina NSebuødegård SLee CIAkslen LATsuruda KMElmore JGHofvind S (2018)
Automated Volumetric Analysis of Mammographic Density in a Screening Setting: Worse Outcomes for Women with Dense Breasts
Radiology288 (2)343-352
PubMed 29944088

LeBlanc MZuber VThompson WKAndreassen OASchizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder Working Groups of the Psychiatric Genomics ConsortiumFrigessi AAndreassen BK (2018)
A correction for sample overlap in genome-wide association studies in a polygenic pleiotropy-informed framework
BMC Genomics19 (1)494
PubMed 29940862

Hjerkind KVEllingjord-Dale MJohansson ALVAase HSHoff SRHofvind SFagerheim SDos-Santos-Silva IUrsin G (2018)
Volumetric Mammographic Density, Age-Related Decline, and Breast Cancer Risk Factors in a National Breast Cancer Screening Program
Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev27 (9)1065-1074
PubMed 29925631

Weiderpass E (2018)
Cancer research for better public health policy - A personal view on the role of the International Agency for Research on Cancer in cancer control

Løberg MKalager MHoff G (2018)
Tailoring the message with selective reporting
Eur J Epidemiol33 (8)773
PubMed 29846866

Mortensen JHSØyen NNilsen RMFomina TTretli SBjørge T (2018)
Paternal characteristics associated with maternal periconceptional use of folic acid supplementation
BMC Pregnancy Childbirth18 (1)188
PubMed 29843620

Botteri Ede Lange TTonstad SBerstad P (2018)
Exploring the effect of a lifestyle intervention on cancer risk: 43-year follow-up of the randomized Oslo diet and antismoking study
J Intern Med284 (3)282-291
PubMed 29790221

Szczesny WLangseth HMyklebust TÅKaern JTropé CPaulsen T (2018)
Survival after secondary cytoreductive surgery and chemotherapy compared with chemotherapy alone for first recurrence in patients with platinum-sensitive epithelial ovarian cancer and no residuals after primary treatment. A registry-based study
Acta Obstet Gynecol Scand97 (8)956-965
PubMed 29790149

Robsahm TEHelsing PNilssen YVos LRizvi SMHAkslen LAVeierød MB (2018)
High mortality due to cutaneous melanoma in Norway: a study of prognostic factors in a nationwide cancer registry
Clin Epidemiol10537-548
PubMed 29780262

Andersson TMEngholm GPukkala EStenbeck MTryggvadottir LStorm HWeiderpass E (2018)
Avoidable cancers in the Nordic countries-The impact of alcohol consumption
Eur J Cancer103299-307
PubMed 29739641

Dube Mandishora RSGjøtterud KSLagström SStray-Pedersen BDuri KChin'ombe NNygård MChristiansen IKAmbur OHChirenje MZRounge TB (2018)
Intra-host sequence variability in human papillomavirus
Papillomavirus Res5180-191
PubMed 29723682

Lukic MGuha NLicaj Ivan den Brandt PAStayner LTTavani AWeiderpass E (2018)
Coffee Drinking and the Risk of Endometrial Cancer: An Updated Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies
Nutr Cancer70 (4)513-528
PubMed 29708405

Åsli LMMyklebust TÅKvaløy SOJetne VMøller BLevernes SGJohannesen TB (2018)
Factors influencing access to palliative radiotherapy: a Norwegian population-based study
Acta Oncol57 (9)1250-1258
PubMed 29706109

Andreassen TMelnic AFigueiredo RMoen KŞuteu ONicula FUrsin GWeiderpass E (2018)
Attendance to cervical cancer screening among Roma and non-Roma women living in North-Western region of Romania
Int J Public Health63 (5)609-619
PubMed 29704009

Holme ØLøberg MKalager MBretthauer MHernán MAAas EEide TJSkovlund ELekven JSchneede JTveit KMVatn MUrsin GHoff GNORCCAP Study Group† (2018)
Long-Term Effectiveness of Sigmoidoscopy Screening on Colorectal Cancer Incidence and Mortality in Women and Men: A Randomized Trial
Ann Intern Med168 (11)775-782
PubMed 29710125

Andreassen BKGrimsrud TKHaug ES (2018)
Bladder cancer survival: Women better off in the long run
Eur J Cancer9552-58
PubMed 29635144

Roscher IFalk RSVos LClausen OPFHelsing PGjersvik PRobsahm TE (2018)
Validating 4 Staging Systems for Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma Using Population-Based Data: A Nested Case-Control Study
JAMA Dermatol154 (4)428-434
PubMed 29516080

Tynes TLøvseth EKJohannessen HASterud TSkogstad M (2018)
Interaction of smoking with respiratory effects of occupational dust exposure: a prospective population study among Norwegian men
ERJ Open Res4 (2)
PubMed 29977899

Gislefoss REStenehjem JSHektoen HHAndreassen BKLangseth HAxcrona KWeiderpass EMondul ARobsahm TE (2018)
Vitamin D, obesity and leptin in relation to bladder cancer incidence and survival: prospective protocol study
BMJ Open8 (3)e019309
PubMed 29602840

Veierød MBPage CMAaserud SBassarova AJacobsen KDHelsing PRobsahm TE (2018)
Melanoma staging: Varying precision and terminal digit clustering in Breslow thickness data is evident in a population-based study
J Am Acad Dermatol79 (1)118-125.e1
PubMed 29580861

Raju SCLagström SEllonen Pde Vos WMEriksson JGWeiderpass ERounge TB (2018)
Reproducibility and repeatability of six high-throughput 16S rDNA sequencing protocols for microbiota profiling
J Microbiol Methods14776-86
PubMed 29563060

Hofvind SHovda THolen ÅSLee CIAlbertsen JBjørndal HBrandal SHBGullien RLømo JPark DRomundstad LSuhrke PVigeland ESkaane P (2018)
Digital Breast Tomosynthesis and Synthetic 2D Mammography versus Digital Mammography: Evaluation in a Population-based Screening Program
Radiology287 (3)787-794
PubMed 29494322

Stenehjem JSHjerkind KVNilsen TIL (2018)
Adiposity, physical activity, and risk of hypertension: prospective data from the population-based HUNT Study, Norway
J Hum Hypertens32 (4)278-286
PubMed 29483587

Hansen BTCampbell SNygård M (2018)
Long-term incidence trends of HPV-related cancers, and cases preventable by HPV vaccination: a registry-based study in Norway
BMJ Open8 (2)e019005
PubMed 29476028

Bhargava SMoen KQureshi SAHofvind S (2018)
Mammographic screening attendance among immigrant and minority women: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Acta Radiol59 (11)1285-1291
PubMed 29451023

Petticrew MMaani Hessari NKnai CWeiderpass E (2018)
The strategies of alcohol industry SAPROs: Inaccurate information, misleading language and the use of confounders to downplay and misrepresent the risk of cancer
Drug Alcohol Rev37 (3)313-315
PubMed 29446154

Holme ØPedersen IBMedhus AWAabakken LGlomsaker TKvamme JMLøberg MBretthauer MSeip BKjellevold ØJørgensen AFurholm SHoff Gde Lange T (2018)
Endoscopy assistants influence the quality of colonoscopy
Endoscopy50 (9)871-877
PubMed 29444529

Skaane PSebuødegård SBandos AIGur DØsterås BHGullien RHofvind S (2018)
Performance of breast cancer screening using digital breast tomosynthesis: results from the prospective population-based Oslo Tomosynthesis Screening Trial
Breast Cancer Res Treat169 (3)489-496
PubMed 29429017

Hantikainen ELöf MGrotta ATrolle Lagerros YSerafini MBellocco RWeiderpass E (2018)
Dietary non enzymatic antioxidant capacity and the risk of myocardial infarction in the Swedish women's lifestyle and health cohort
Eur J Epidemiol33 (2)213-221
PubMed 29372463

Moshina NSebuødegård SHolen ÅSWaade GGTsuruda KHofvind S (2018)
The impact of compression force and pressure at prevalent screening on subsequent re-attendance in a national screening program
Prev Med108129-136
PubMed 29337068

Larsen IKMyklebust TÅJohannesen TBMøller BHofvind S (2018)
Stage-specific incidence and survival of breast cancer in Norway: The implications of changes in coding and classification practice
PubMed 29306771

Tsuruda KMSagstad SSebuødegård SHofvind S (2018)
Validity and reliability of self-reported health indicators among women attending organized mammographic screening
Scand J Public Health1403494817749393 (in press)
PubMed 29366395