Resultater og publikasjoner

Her finner du oversikt over alle vitenskapelige artikler som har blitt publisert i JanusRNA-prosjektet, samt link til publiserte resultater.
Sist oppdatert:

Sina Rostami, Trine B. Rounge, Luca Pestarino, Robert Lyle, Renée Turzanski Fortner, Øystein Ariansen Haaland, Rolv T. Lie, Fredrik Wiklund, Tone Bjørge, Hilde Langseth, 2024. "Differential levels of circulating RNAs prior to endometrial cancer diagnosis".

Masood Abu-Halima, Andreas Keller, Lea Simone Becker, Ulrike Fischer, Annika Engel, Nicole Ludwig, Fabian Kern, Trine B. Rounge, Hilde Langseth, Eckart Meese, and Verena Keller, 2022. "Dynamic and static circulating cancer microRNA biomarkers – a validation study".

Sinan U Umu, Hilde Langseth, Verena Zuber, Åslaug Helland, Robert Lyle and Trine B Rounge, 2022. "Serum RNAs can predict lung cancer up to 10 years prior to diagnosis".

Hilde Langseth, Sinan Ugur Umu, Cecilie Bucher-Johannessen, Ronnie Babigumira, Magnus Leithaug, Marianne Lauritzen, Paolo Vineis, Giske Ursin, Robert Lyle, Trine B. Rounge, 2021. "Data Resource Profile: thousands of circulating RNA profiles of pre-clinical samples from the Janus Serum Bank Cohort".

Dominique Scherer, Marcela Dávila López, Benjamin Goeppert, Sanna Abrahamsson, Rosa González Silos, Igor Nova, Katherine Marcelain, Juan C. Roa, David Ibberson, Sinan U. Umu, Trine Ballestad Rounge, Stephanie Roessler, and Justo Lorenzo Bermejo, 2020. “RNA Sequencing of Hepatobiliary Cancer Cell Lines: Data and Applications to Mutational and Transcriptomic Profiling”

Joshua Burton, Sinan U. Umu, Hilde Langseth, Tom Grotmol, Tom K. Grimsrud, Trine B. Haugen and Trine B. Rounge, 2020. “Serum RNA Profiling in the 10-Years Period Prior to Diagnosis of Testicular Germ Cell Tumor”.

Johannes Brägelmann, […], Sinan U. Umu, Trine B. Rounge, Odilia Popanda, Justo Lorenzo Bermejo, 2020. "Epigenome-Wide Analysis of Methylation Changes in the Sequence of Gallstone Disease, Dysplasia, and Gallbladder Cancer".

Andreas Keller , Tobias Fehlmann , Christina Backes , Fabian Kern , Randi Gislefoss , Hilde Langseth , Trine B. Rounge , Nicole Ludwig & Eckart Meese, 2020. "Competitive learning suggests circulating miRNA profiles for cancers decades prior to diagnosis".

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