Janus Serum Bank

The Janus Serum Bank has blood samples from 317 000 Norwegians.
The biobank is reserved for cancer research, and is internationally unique regarding size and number of cancer cases.

The Janus Serum Bank is a population based biobank reserved for cancer research. The specimens are collected during the period from 1972-2004 and are stored at – 25° Celsius.
The samples originate from 317 000 persons in Norway who have participated in health studies and also from blood donors in and around Oslo.
Today, samples are only collected from earlier donors in the Janus Serum Bank who have developed cancer.

The Bank is internationally unique regarding size and number of cancer cases. Annual linkage to the Cancer Registry shows that almost 70000 donors are diagnosed with cancer as of December 31, 2013. The main goals of the biobank are to make the material available to cancer researchers over the whole world and deliver quality assured samples and data.

The Janus Serum Bank is registered in the Biobank Register
(Notification number 737)

Donors and researchers will find useful information on these pages.


Information to the Janus donors  

You are one of 317 000 who has donated blood to the Janus Serum Bank and thereby given a valuable contribution to national and international cancer research.

Here you can find more information on:



More about Janus Serum Bank

Cancer in Norway 2008 Special Issue: Janus Serumbank - from sample collection to cancer research 
(38 pages)

How to apply for serum samples

Application form


Telephone: +47 22 45 13 00
Fax: + 47 22 45 13 70

Responsible for biobank

Director Giske Ursin MD, PhD


Hilde Langseth,
head, researcher, PhD

Adele Stornes,
research assistant

Marianne Lauritzen,
research assistant

Randi Gislefoss,
quality manager, researcher, PhD

Tove Slyngstad,
research assistant


Next deadline for applications is 2015-11-01

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